483149792591889 LEADERSHIP | 2024 Chubb Bermuda Triangle Challenge


The following individuals represent the 2025 Chubb Bermuda Triangle Challenge Organising Committee

Dr. Freddie Evans: BNAA President, Butterfield Mile Race Director; Executive Committee

Mark Harris: PwC Bermuda Marathon, PwC Bermuda Half Marathon, and PwC Bermuda Half Marathon Relay Race Director; Executive Committee

Marty Merritt: Treasurer, Finance, and Sponsorship; Executive Committee

Phil Martin: BF&M 10k Run/Walk Race Director; Executive Committee

Anna Laura Hocking: Head of Advertising and Marketing; Executive Committee

Ali Hochberg: Website, Marketing and Technology; Director of Sustainability; Executive Committee

Domico Watson: Creative Director

Pam Shailer: Secretary

Wayne Raynor: Butterfield Mile Race Director

Cal Simons: Butterfield Mile Race Director

Heather Cooper: Butterfield Mile Race Director

Jane Edgett: Volunteers and Technology

Christopher Jones: PwC Bermuda Marathon Dockyard Coordinator

Anne Kermode: PwC Bermuda Marathon, PwC Bermuda Half Marathon, PwC Bermuda Half Marathon Relay Barr’s Bay Park Coordinator

Caroline Komposch: Expo and Registration

Tina McGuire: Head of Hotel Transportation

Michelle Berkeley: Roads, Police, Safety and Set Up

Lisa Yashar: Supplies and Merchandise

Sharon Craig: Refreshments, Activities, and Entertainment

Cal Steede: PwC Bermuda Marathon Support

Andy McComb: Documentation, Policies, Procedures, Legal, Back Office Support

Hazel Clark: BTA Representative

Steven Ortiz: PwC Bermuda Marathon Support

Mike Charles: Emeritus

Clarence Smith: Emeritus