483149792591889 BUTTERFIELD MILE | 2025 Chubb Bermuda Triangle Challenge


Friday, January 17, 2025


Start/Finish: Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda

The spotlight is on you at the start of the Chubb Bermuda Triangle Challenge during ‘Happy Hour’ with the Butterfield Mile.  The only street races held at night in Bermuda, this event is sure to set the pace for the rest of your weekend!

The Butterfield Mile will see participants in the Chubb Bermuda Triangle Half and Full Challenge share the stage as they run along Front Street in the city of Hamilton to the cheers and encouragement of the island’s residents. Participants in the Butterfield Mile will run in waves, which will be indicated on your race bib. PLEASE NOTE: If you are participating in either the Chubb Bermuda Triangle Half or Full Challenge you DO NOT need to register separately for this event!

Be sure to get there early, as the evening begins at 6:30pm with a performance from the Royal Bermuda Regiment Band in full regalia! And plan to stick around after your run to watch elites from Bermuda and around the world compete for cash prizes, including $10,000 for the first male runner to break 4:00 minutes or the first female runner to break 4:25.

If you’ve worked up an appetite, make sure to grab dinner at one of the many dining establishments that line Front Street – many of which offer balcony seating that will give you front row seats while local adults and school-aged athletes compete in their waves.

The Butterfield Mile Open Division

For participants who want to run ONLY the mile OR want the flexibility to mix and match distances without having to register for the Full or Half Challenge, the Butterfield Mile Open Division is for YOU.

A standalone race. One mile. The same course as the Challenge competitors, but you can run it YOUR way!

Butterfield Mile Course Map: Full/Half Bermuda Triangle Challenge and Open Division

Butterfield Mile Course Map: Elite, Youth, and Local Qualifiers

Course Descriptions

  1. For Chubb Bermuda Triangle Challenge and Open Division runners, the Butterfield Mile begins outside the Number One Car Park on Front Street in Hamilton. Runners proceed west down Front Street, beyond the iconic bird cage for 1000m, and then loop back to head east until the turning point near the intersection of Spurling Hill and Front Street (the Longtail statues). Heading back west, runners will finish in front of the flag pole.
  2. Elite runners, youth runners, and local qualifiers will follow the traditional Front Street Mile Course with the second turning point around the Longtail statues.

Please refer to the course maps ahead of the races to avoid any confusion during the race.

Important Notes

Half and Full Bermuda Triangle Challenge participants are automatically entered into the Butterfield Mile, which is the first race in the “3 races in 3 days” series. Challenge participants do not need to register for this event separately, there is not a separate bib number, and there are no separate mile awards for Challenge participants (for more information please see the Awards section at the end).

Invited runners will have competed in the qualifying Butterfield Mile Trials (local) or will have raced internationally. If you are an elite runner and are interested in competing in this event, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Local adult runners and school-aged runners (primary, middle, and senior school athletes) MUST qualify for the Butterfield Mile by running in the Butterfield Mile Trials, which will take place on Friday, December 6, 2024. For questions about the Butterfield Mile Trials, please contact Dr. Freddie Evans via email [email protected] or telephone 441-735-0980.

If you are an invited local runner AND are participating in one of the Challenge races, you may choose which race you would like to participate in (the Challenge mile or the invitational mile).

“I loved participating in the mile- a distance I had never raced myself, but was fun to be part of the crowd-favorite race on Front Street with all the local elites and middle school athletes.”


“I was getting chills during the Butterfield Mile especially; it was so special seeing the huge crowds come out to support everyone competing.”


“It was great to engage with the local Bermuda community and to see such energy from the local (and international) attendees for your event, especially the mile”

Time Limits

There are no time limits for this event. Chubb Bermuda Triangle Challenge participants are encouraged to run or walk the Butterfield Mile at a pace that is comfortable for their fitness level. This event is meant to be FUN!


Awards for the Butterfield Mile will be presented immediately following each race in the following categories for both males & females: 1st through 3rd for Elite, Primary School, Middle School, Senior School, and Adult.

Cash prize awards (overall, for both male and female races, no age group):

1st place: $500

2nd place: $250

3rd place: $100

*There are no awards presented for the Chubb Bermuda Triangle Challenge section of the Butterfield Mile. Times for the Butterfield Mile will be recorded and counted toward totals for Chubb Half and Full Bermuda Triangle Challenge overall male/female and age group award winners.

Event Records

Elite Mile

  • Kenia Sinclair – 4:33.61 (Jamaica), 2011
  • Leonard Mucheru – 4:02.60 (Kenya), 2002

Local Records

Adult Female

  • 18-39: Ashley Couper Estwanik – 4:57.46, 2003
  • 40+: Victoria Fiddick – 5:30.10, 2009

Adult Male

  • 18-39: Lamont Marshall – 4:23.07, 2006
  • 40+: Gary Raynor – 4:32.70, 2010

Senior School Girls

  • Izzy Dutranoit, Suffield Academy (USA) – 5:14, 2019

Senior School Boys

  • Tyler Butterfield, Saltus – 4:27.30 1999

Middle School Girls

  • Ashley Irby, Saltus – 5:23.63, 2015

Middle School Boys

  • Dage Minors, Clearwater – 5:01.90, 2009

Primary School Girls

  • Ziza Russell, Overseas School – 5:39, 2019

Primary School Boys

  • Spencer Butterfield, Saltus – 5:14.70, 1993